To be successful it is important to develop at the right time the right product for the right market segment.


Inquiry for market information of a lubricant ingredient

In a two our telephone consult questions about market size, usage, pricing, and competing technologies of a short chain acids where answered.

Status update of global lubricants market

After mapping out market size, trends, technologies, barriers to entry and exit, competitor scene and cost structure of different lubricant segments we have recommend a chemical company how to enter the market with their technology.

New product launch

A launch plan has been written for an American industrial lubricants supplier who wanted to enter the European market.

Repositioning engine oil product line

An outdated product line of an Original Equipment Manufacturer has been reviewed and recommendations where given to upgrade their product line. New product managers where trained on lubricants terminology and product benefits.

Our extensive lubricants and fuel market knowledge enable us to recognize market drivers in attractive lubricant segments and translate these into new product requirements. If you are interested in our service please enter your request via contact.

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