About us

Lubricant Market Solutions BV, in short LMS, is a consultancy and trading company established in 2004.

Our mission

“To add value to your business via our all broad expertise and global network in the oleo-chemical, lubricants and biofuel market”

Our experience

LMS is having great experiences in development, total quality, production, applications, technical service , business and marketing of oleo-chemical, lubricants and biofuel products. After being active in all regions for many years a global network of suppliers, formulators, producers and blenders within these markets have been established.

Our activities

• LMS is conducting consultancy projects varying from solving small technical issues to developing and marketing whole new lubricants product lines.
• In trading LMS is acting as intermediate between (base fluid and ingredient) suppliers and (lubricant and fuel) producers. Products are sourced via our exclusive agency agreements, toll production or from the cheapest supplier. LMS also market metalworking fluids and palm biodiesel.

As owner I am proud to represent LMS BV. My details can be found on LinkedIn.

Drs. Ronald Hoogendoorn

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